Grange Pools build quality custom designed concrete swimming pools in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. With over 30 years combined in the swimming pool industry, our dedicated team brings a comprehensive approach to building premium pools . Our commitment to our clients and collaborates highlights the integrity of our business principles.

Collaborating closely with leading architects, builders, designers and landscape designers we strive to create premium pools of the highest quality but also seamlessly integrated with homes and lifestyles. We take pride in offering personalised services tailored to each project’s unique requirements. We work closely with our collaborates through the design phase, tendering and through to the construction and hand over to ensure we are supportive at every stage.

Our first class project management software and in-house systems empower us to efficiently coordinate, deliver, and exceed client expectations at every stage of the construction process. Over time, Daniel along with Michael has curated a select group of contractors renowned within the industry for their craftsmanship, ensuring that each project maintains the highest standards of quality at every stage.

Under the leadership of Daniel and Michael, Grange Pools has emerged as in innovative leader in swimming pool construction industry across Melbourne. Their wealth of industry experience and profound insights epitomise why Grange Pools stands as a premier choice for people who are seeking excellence of a Grange Pool

Our Mission

Our mission at Grange Pools is to create premium quality swimming pools and spas to enhance the lifestyle of our clients and the investment of their home. Our passion and experience provides transformative results, creating contemporary pools that better the lives of those who experience them every day. A Grange Pool is fitted with the latest, energy efficient filtration equipment and heating systems. We endeavour to build our pools that are self-cleaning, self-testing and as maintenance free as possible where your pool wont need the on going maintenance as some pools need. We are striving to be one the best builders in the industry with a reputation and brand that people want to work with.

Licensed Builder

As licensed registered builders with the Victorian Building Authority and SPASA Australia, we offer you the assurance that your swimming pool will be completed in compliance with all Australian Standards outlined in the Building Act 1993. Our projects are fully insured and covered by Home Warranty Insurance and Public Liability Insurance throughout the construction process. We guarantee the structural integrity of the pool shell for 6.5 years, and all pipe work and tiling for 2 years, in accordance with SPASA standards. Additionally, all pool equipment is backed by individual manufacturer warranties.

Grange Expierience

At Grange Pools, we prioritise the complete experience for our clients. Our goal is to deliver an amazing pool, not only in the final product but also throughout the entire journey. From clear communication of our processes to the highest quality of our construction, every detail must exude passion, commitment, and precision.

Each member of the Grange Pools team involved in your project is dedicated to enhancing your overall Grange experience. We have diligently crafted a seamless and comprehensive process, striving to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

We at Grange Pools specialise in building concrete swimming pools and spas in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. With over 15 years’ in the swimming pool industry, we have learnt that the key to a successful project is our commitment to our clients and people which ultimately reflects the integrity of our business.

We work closely with leading architects, builders and landscape designers to produce high quality, functional and captivating pools to complement
homes and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on providing a more personal service to each project. Our project management and our in-house system and process enable us to coordinate, deliver and withhold an expectation to our clients throughout the entire process. Over the years Daniel has compiled a selective group of contractors who we use from project to project, understanding that the quality of the work our contractor’s produce is of the highest standards.

We are led by Daniel Price and Michael Callinan. Daniel and Michael’s relationship is why our
success in the industry is rapidly growing. Their depth of industry experience and knowledge
illustrates why Grange Pools is a leading swimming pool construction company in Melbourne and


Daniel Price

Daniel, a founding Director of Grange Pools alongside Michael, brings over 20 years of extensive experience in the swimming pool industry. Renowned for his depth of knowledge and skills, he is highly sought after within the construction sector for his strong reputation for delivering high quality and excellence.

In his role as Director at Grange, Daniel actively engages with architects, clients, and consultants throughout the design and construction phases. He assumes responsibility for ensuring technical compliance on all sites, maintaining close communication with the project team. Daniel’s invaluable input and wealth of experience significantly contribute to the quality and distinction evident in completed projects at Grange.

Michael Callinan

Michael, leveraging over 12 years of experience, has collaborated closely with Australia’s foremost architects and designers in the industry. His extensive network, coupled with meticulous attention to detail, underlines Grange’s rapid ascent as an industry leader. Michael’s philosophy revolves around the centrality of relationships in successful partnerships. Through his open and consistent communication, he fosters a deep understanding of each client’s needs, thereby nurturing enduring relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Michael is the managing director of Vogue Grange Landscapes, leveraging his expertise to address the daily challenges inherent in both businesses. With a keen insight into current market dynamics, he proactively navigates the competitive industry to win projects. Michael’s dual passion for design and business synergistically drives the continued growth of Grange Pools, reinforcing our position as industry leaders. His strategic vision and commitment to excellence serve as the foundation for our ongoing success.


head office

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